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What is the working principle of automobile air flow meter

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  Air flow sensor, also known as air flowmeter, is one of the important sensors of EFI engine. It converts the air flow into electrical signal and sends it to the electronic control unit (ECU). As one of the basic signals to determine the fuel injection, it is a sensor to measure the air flow of the engine. With the use of microcomputer to control fuel injection, several other air flow sensors have appeared, such as valve type air flow sensor and Karman vortex air flow sensor.

  According to the different characteristics of air flow sensors, the fuel control system is divided into L-type control with direct measurement and D-type control with indirect measurement. The biggest advantage of the air flow sensor is that the instrument coefficient is not affected by the physical properties of the measurement medium, so it can be extended from one typical medium to other media. However, due to the great difference in the velocity range of liquid and gas, the frequency range is also very different.

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