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New products of sialor in the United States -- the highest precision thermal gas mass flowmeter in the world

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  1. 780i pipeline type can reach ± 0.5% Rd (flow rate ≥ 50% FS); 640i plug-in type can reach ± 0.75% Rd (flow rate ≥ 50% FS) [original s series ± 1% FS]

  2. The repeatability reached ± 0.15% FS [original s series ± 0.2% FS]

  3. Measurement range: for air, the maximum measurable mass flow rate reaches an astonishing 300nm / s [the original s series can measure the maximum 100nm / s for air, and the larger the measurement will affect the accuracy]

  4. Three variable measurement and output: gas mass flow rate, gas temperature and gas pressure (two standard configurations, VT and VTP) [the original s series only measures mass flow]

  5. QuadraTherm ™ The S-Series is designed to separate only two parts of the sensor

  6. iTherm ™ The brain manages the switching of gas species, the measurement of temperature, pressure, and heat conduction caused by external temperature

  7. DrySense ™ : zero drift dry sensor technology ensures long-term accuracy and lifetime warranty

  8. Dial-A-Pipe Gamma : the pipe size and material can be customized on site (the roughness of the inner wall of the pipe affects the measurement accuracy)

  9. Dial-A-Gas ™ : it can customize the type of gas on site and build in abundant gas related parameters to realize field switching

  10. iTherm Gamma Internal gas database: 18 kinds of gases and mixtures, which can be imported through the network in the future, are still being updated

  11.ValidCal ™ : field calibration, because the dry sensor technology has ensured that the probe will not drift, so as long as the actual flow is simulated by software, the analog-to-digital conversion output part in the calibration meter can be verified. [upgraded version of original s series SIP verification]

  12. Smart interface program: intelligent software [upgraded version of original S-Series SIP software]

  13. All kinds of bus: Hart, MODBUS, foundation fieldbus, PROFIBUS DP

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